sábado, 22 de outubro de 2016

Ricardo Maffia : The Higher Self

The Higher Self is the important principles in the sleeping consciences of every human being. Occasionally these principles into action. It is those moments when the Insight, Creative Intelligence, Understanding, Will Irresistible, Love and Brotherhood manifests itself most often unintentionally.

The goal of those in Path is active through reflections on their life experiences to realize a logic in everyday events and have the perception that there is something Infinite within. It is the Atma or the projection of the  Absolute in all of us. With this perception that gradually develops, the student intuits your life purpose, your Dharma. Life for him and a main reason for you to understand the question of his life and also the lives of others.

Feel a real sense that there is an interconnectedness of everything and everyone and that their actions affect everything and everyone in the proportion of strength and wisdom given to them. There will be ups and downs however gradually understand the ups and downs in your life and Try to correct them. Will enter the Path of responsibility and understanding and even more in the way of conscious action though with its ups and downs but for the better this understanding of variations in personal perceptions is the gradual manifestations of Buddhi, another attribute of the  Higher Self.

Thus, the student develops the Creative Intelligence (Manas) which will enable you to do things that will add value to your life and the lives of others.

St. Paul said that the human being consists of spirit, body and soul.
Spirit is the essence of the Absolute in all us. Soul , Self ( Jung) is precisely the higher principles asleep we refer
Higher Self. Body is our current personality that is tied to the Cross of Life and that when it enters the Path gradually the soul or higher self will begin to awaken.   

This will not happen without existential crises, which is normal because we enter into a new reality and conscious for a long time or not, because each of us has a personal biography will be held this existential connection and Cross will become a Shining Path. Well, I think so and do not mean I'm right. Each person has their truth that must be respected and valued. Unity in Diversity is.