terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2015


The sense of time to be going faster is a function of there being a transition of eras or planetary humanity has long been developing the mind but for 20 years ago ( 1995). Eve start the activation process in a collective minimum degree of stimulation of the  intuitive principle(Buddhi) and this is occurring in all beings have consciousness they want it or not. The Interconnectivity is an example of the stimulation of collective principle (Buddhi). The Internet is an example of this phenomenon.

 Everything that causes altered states of consciousness collectively somehow interferes with the factors of time and space. This also affects the collective karma generating crises of self-knowledge as the accelerated Karma leads people to realize what must be corrected and encouraged. Unfortunately, many people develop cognitive distortions because tension and stress , but this is normal in actuality. The life today is very difficult, very competitive. All we can go through it.

This is a sign that what is retained in the Personal and Collective Inconscious in the form of complex psychics reality will emerge. Jung said: The Complexs Psychic unresolved complexs exteriorized in the form of individual and collective catastrophes. Fastest time, technologically and spiritually Interconnected humanity, thus generating karma intensified the current landscape of humanity. To those in Path is a very important to obtain insights through observations of the present situation of humanity and your own personal moment. This, I believe, will only succeed if the Path who is trying to consciously experience the reality of the Higher Self

The Light of Buddhi help identify and understand their true purpose in life.

Light of Buddhi transmute limiting emotions and dissolves the complex psychics. The Light of Buddhi guides the person will understand its limitations and how to overcome them and also help to really understand the real needs of humanity. The power of Atma (Spiritual Will) will cause the person to come into action so systemic to your own life and also will cooperate with humanity. The energy of Manas (Creative Intelligence) in union with Buddhi generate insights to inspire people to self-improvement and transform the person into a Real Agent of Social Transformation based on the principle Universal Brotherhood. We are in an age of opportunities to stimulate the conscious progress of humanity.

Ricardo Maffia - FTS Theosophical Society Pasadena - US